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What Do I Really Eat?

My Typical Menu: What Do I Really Eat? I get asked all the time by members of the Autumnation: What do I really eat in a day? It’s a great question, and the answer may surprise some of you. Let me share my typical menu for a busy day.     I love to eat!  …

#AskAutumnC | Country Heat Edition

I just wrapped up an amazing Country Heat group on Facebook– the progress and results that resulted from 30 days of dedication and hard work were so inspirational! In this episode of AskAutumnC, I pulled questions for this episode directly from the group, as well as my social channels and the Country Heat Facebook page…

#AskAutumnC | What Container is Pumpkin?

It’s that time of year again– PUMPKIN SEASON!! Pumpkin is slowly taking over the isles at the grocery store, on all menus (food and beverage) and even on my show FIXATE! In this episode of #AskAutumnC I tackle the ever popular question, what container is pumpkin?!   #AskAutumnC – Episode 04 – What xanax healthcarewell container is pumpkin?…

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